Friday, April 13, 2012

Looking green are we?

AlessandraKathryn on Etsy made this Frankenstein card for me.  My family loves Halloween and this reflects our passion for the holiday perfectly.

Right now, I should be in New York City.  I should be walking through Brooklyn Bridge Park, strolling along the streets in Brooklyn Heights and just enjoying the sights and sounds so different from home.
Unfortunately, our plans were cancelled because my husband looks about as green as Frankenstein.
Now I have an entire weekend free to get busy on some projects I have been setting aside.  My card has been translated into fabric for the center block. 
Here is a Monkey Wrench block from the 1900's.  The half grey mourning print and black novelty print are typical, but the purple with what looks like a Battenburg lace overlay is wild.

This monkey wrench block is a bit tamer, but still the colors look a bit "sickly".   This is definitely the kind of look I'm going for!  Not sure with the light if this is a grey or purple; definitely a half mourning print.  These are just perfect to create a Halloween wall hanging!

Here's the start of it....... I'm sure by the end of the weekend it will have an entirely different look.  

Halloween is here early.  Whatever happened to Mother's Day?  Oh wait, yes, I remember.... every day is Mother's Day!


  1. Oh, dear! Sorry to hear your weekend plans changed, but it sounds like you're making the best of it.

  2. Love your Halloween wall hanging. The green is perfect. It's so great when you find just the right vintage fabric/blocks for a project. Can't wait to see the rest.