Sunday, September 16, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words..... New Machine in the House

A Bernina 730 Record Sewing Machine.

I guess a picture should be enough, but since I'm entitled to a thousands words, I'll see what else I could say about this sewing machine I just purchased.

I got my first Bernina in 1983.  My husband took me to the local sewing center along with three children so I could pick out my Mother's Day present.  My Kenmore at the time had terrible thread tension and made sewing quite frustrating.  My husband, along with my three little tykes by his side, stood guard by the $99 Singer the store was advertising.  I went home with the Bernina 930 at the other end of the $$$ spectrum as well as being located at the other end of the store.

I had sewn on a Bernina when I had taken a clothing construction class in college and I found it to be an amazing machine.  It was a thrill to finally be able to take one home.

In 1993, ten years of sewing later and one additional tyke in the family, I replaced my 930 with a 1230.  I sold my 930 machine to a quilting friend and as far as I know she is still sewing strong on it.

It is easy to spot a good machine.  All you really have to do is plug it in and listen to the motor.  Then, check the different functions and how easily the components move - is any gear locked in place?  This 730 passed the test with flying colors.  It had its original table and pressure foot knee lift along with the manual and all the additional feet.  (Don't you wish new machines came with the feet selection the older machines had!  Those feet are expensive!)  It didn't have its case or the swing out accessories holder in the back, but those items were minor compared to the great shape and stitch quality of the machine.

This particular machine had its original warranty card and was purchased in December of 1969.  

Over the years I had several additional Berninas pass through my hands - an 830 I found for a friend and an 801 Sport I gave to my daughter.  Currently I sew with my 1230 and a 440QE.  I still prefer my 1230 over the 440. 

This was  the second machine I purchased within the last three weeks.  The other machine  was a Singer 201 and it went out the door to a friend within a few days.  It was serendipitous to find a machine that my friend was looking for as she had sewn with this Singer model as a child.

I like to think that I have been lucky finding sewing machines, but now I'm wondering if they are finding me.


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