Monday, November 12, 2012

Loose threads.

Today I'm thinking about procrastination, patriotism, and pretty pictures. 

I have been sitting on a friend's quilt for two months because I couldn't visualize a quilting design.  Two months!   The top is red/white/black and the backing fabric is bronze and cranberry Asian influenced patterned fabric.  Once I realized it was going to work out having silver on the top and a light bronze thread for the backing, the quilting started and took on a life of its own.  It felt good to chalk this project off the to-do list that had been hanging on my refrigerator for too long.

The center of the quilt has nine different sampler blocks which are set on point.  The large areas of black are what had me perplexed.  Take away the colorway and the the basic design reminded me of an Amish quilt, so the fiddle-head fern was a perfect filler in the large triangle areas.
When these areas were finished, I found that I needed to go back in with a walking foot and stitch the white sashings.  The little strips that I thought would just pop.....seemed to just pucker with out the straight line stitching.

Procrastination is a frustrating situation but maybe its not procrastination as much as time to think through a design; spending time on design development sounds far more professional than just saying you're stumped! 

The colors of my flag are red, white and blue.  Donkeys and elephants, as well as a myriad of  smaller parties trying to gain momentum, are all represented by these colors.  It saddens me of the billions of dollars wasted through the media on political verbal warfare.   Let's go back a few decades (which so many candidates wanted to do with women's bodies) and advertise the proper way:

...and if you find a simple needle-case isn't effective, it's okay, just come up to my door with a box of thread, few yards of cotton or heck just go all the way and authorize a special model sewing machine as a token of appreciation.  If you want to buy my vote I should at least let you know some ways I could be swayed rather than be annoyed.

Pretty pictures:
My place of refuge is my sewing room.  It is painted the colors of the sky at dawn and dusk.
My room is painted violet (ceiling), egg-yolk yellow (walls), and the trim is a pink bisque.  Although it is located in the basement with a low ceiling, colors of the sky give the room depth and warmth.

Since it is very small, I try to utilize any space I can.  A desk that runs along one wall has containers underneath for storing notions and fabric strips.
There is a very special quilt hanging where I can see it everyday.  I can't help but smile with every ounce of my being when I glance at it.  Martha sent me this in the mail as a surprise!  Martha writes a wonderful needle work blog and her posts are addictive in a very healthy way.  One day I am going to take a road trip and knock on her door.  Since we've never met, I will be standing on her porch holding this quilt as my introduction.  Yes, a road trip is on the bucket list!  Thank you Martha!

I told you every speck of space is being used.  Opps, looks like I could straighten it out a bit :)

I'll get the bottom drawer closed when the projects filling it are finished.  Here are some of my sewing books I keep grabbing for reference as well as a collection of pin cushions.
 My sewing machine sits on a table in the middle of the room.  I can look around my room at reminders of friendship, weddings, children, pets and find there are no loose ends for me when I'm doing what brings me such happiness!


  1. First of all, the quilt for your friend looks amazing. I am so impressed with your machine quilting.
    Second, I love your sewing room with it's cheerful yellow walls. It's fun to see the room where you are the happiest, and also to see where you put your little quilt, which looks right at home in that cozy room.

  2. AND . . . I would be thrilled to answer my door and find you there holding that little quilt.

    1. Okay Martha, I'll bring the quilt and a sack of goodies for you!

  3. Amazing how much we can fit in a small space isn't it! Looks like a great place to spend lots of creative time too.