Monday, January 16, 2012

Cooperation with the elements

My baby quilt was quilted, bound and washed and ready for a photograph.  I thought I'd try and snap a few pictures outside on a clothesline to capture the elements of a winter landscape.   What I didn't think about was 1) the wind and 2) the frigid temperatures.

I got dressed for the elements sans the gloves and tromped through the snow to the clothesline.  I was quite proud of myself that I even found turquoise clothespins to coordinate with the backing fabric.  My camera was ready to start snapping some pictures after it was pinned to the line and...

the breeze was relentless and kept the quilt in a horizontal position rather than vertical.  By the time I was actually able to capture a few photographs I realized my fingers could barely work the camera settings.  How quickly the wind chill was making me long for a warmer setting.  How foolish not to think gloves were important.

The good thing about the experience of trying to photograph my quilt outside was how the quilt pattern reminded me of confetti being tossed in the air for an important celebration.  I never would have had the same association of the quilt pattern being confetti until I saw the quilt moving in the breeze.  So I'm calling the quilt Winter Confetti .  Anytime a little one comes into the world it is time for a celebration - confetti and all.


  1. Love that quilt photo with the pristine snow. We are supposed to have a huge snowstorm tonight (well...huge for the Pacific NW), and I am really looking forward to it.

    I adore all the white in your quilt (are these the last of the challenge quilt top scraps?). We need to talk about machine quilting, at which, in case I haven't mentioned before, I suck, and you obviously excel.

    1. Martha, I love to machine quilt and you are probably better at it than you're saying. I just pretend my needle is a pencil and I think of it as doodling all over the fabric. As a result, I don't have any set patterns. Do you hand quilt everything???