Thursday, January 26, 2012

An Even Simpler Child's Apron

You read that even simpler apron.  After making the child's apron, I was able to improve on the pattern.  Barbara from Oodles and Oodles and I had gotten together for coffee the other day.  We had fun sharing projects we were working on and then Barbara shared with me a sweet Singer booklet she had received as a child.  Inside its gently worn pages was an apron design with an easy to sew waistband and ties.  This booklet made me realize it would be fun to revise my pattern especially if working with double fold bias tape as your waistband and ties is too difficult for your little one to manage sewing.

Here is An Even Simper Child's Apron:

Here is how I changed the apron pattern for the additional waistband and ties:
For the waistband, cut one piece of fabric 6" x 16".
For the ties, cut two pieces of fabric 6" x 36".

Follow the directions for the Child's Apron using steps 1 -5.  There is no change to the apron body and ruffle.

6.  Press under 1/2" on three sides of the waistband (6" x 16" piece).

7.  Run two rows of basting stitches across the top of the apron.  One row at 1/2" and the second row at 1/4".  Then gather the apron top to fit the waistband piece.
Sewing the two rows of basting stitches.   

8.  Pin the gathered apron top to the waistband.  Sew a 1/2" seam.

9.  Press the seam towards the waistband and then stitch the waistband down to the apron.   

Sewing the waistband down. Leave the sides open.  This will be where the ties are inserted.   

10.  For each tie:  Fold the 6" x 36" piece of fabric in half right sides together and sew one small end and the entire length of the tie.  Trim seam allowance to 1/4" and turn the tie through the open end.  Press.  Insert the open end of the tie into the waistband. Sew the tie into place.

Repeat sewing the remaining tie and sewing into the waistband.  

This apron has two features that is an improvement over the other apron:
1)  sewing the 1/2" seam is easier for a very young child rather than the 1/4" seam; and
2) the big ties makes a pretty bow for the little one who enjoys dressing up.

The big ties are sometimes preferred by little ones.
Thank you Barbara for sharing your treasured Singer booklet!


  1. You're welcome! And now I want one of these for myself! You made it look so fun.

  2. Really cute apron! This is very similar to the way I do many of my apron waistbands/ties -- love the big bow.

    I wish I could have joined you and Barbara for coffee. I'm so jealous that you guys live in the same town and I am 2,722 miles away.