Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello 2013!

Hello 2013! 

My goal for the New Year is reorganizing, cleaning and making efficient use of my time in order to spend more time sewing!

Forget about shedding those gingerbread cookie pounds, no lofty ideas of being nice to mean dogs on our street, no delusions of grandeur; just spending time sewing. 

Through the estate sale tubs and onto Etsy, I am listing vintage finds from the previous year.  I'm anticipating filling the tubs with new finds in 2013 and there is no time like the present to make way for the new year!

Chimney Sweep blocks, also known as an Album block, date from late 19th to early 20th century.

A Sisters Choice block from a group of blocks measuring in a variety of unfinished sizes.  I am theorizing family and friends contributed blocks as they are machine and hand pieced.  As I see it, it is like sharing a recipe and no one you share it with makes it the exact same way.  Friends quilting are no different than having friends in your kitchen.

Fabric cut into 3 x 6 inch quilt blocks from possible salesmen samples of fabric.  Again, another theory, and this time I am theorizing the seamstress was going to make a bars or Chinese Coin quilt.  

A pound of mid twentieth century fabric from a frugal household.

And of course, vintage spools of thread.  Since I wrote about the quilt from nylon, I'm coming across nylon thread, nylon blanket binding, nylon trim, etc.  It is as though the gods of nylon are flooding me with inspiration which I am ignoring.  Did you know that Emerald Green is the Pantone color for 2013? 

Please feel free to theorize about what was going on with the prior owners of these vintage items.  I know for me, theorizing sounds more exciting than cleaning and reorganizing!

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