Monday, January 14, 2013

Some Flowers for You

I was just writing to Chris in Australia about how much I am missing the earth blooming.  I told her I was going to have to stop by my local grocery store just to get some cut flowers to put in a vase to chase away the winter doldrums.

I came across these little pieces of ephemera from the past filled with flowers as well as hearts and thought they were the perfect pick-me-up.  These were the surprise goodies in a box lot at an estate sale.   Hope they bring a smile and some flowers to your day!

Here is Steve helping Alessandra with her skating lessons.  I LOVE the bonnet.

Little Red Riding Hood in winter and at night?

When the receiver is moved up and down, the eyes move in unison.

This valentine stands and the horse's head is jointed and moves up and down.  The little girl reminds me of Dolly Dingle.

While not in the best of shape, this valentine also stands and has a honeycomb heart in the front.  

Happy Valentine's Day..... one MONTH EARLY!!!

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  1. What gorgeous cards. Valentine's Day is not so big here. Do you think it was invented by Hallmark to sell more cards!