Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Day Like No Other Spring Day

It is as though we've never seen a daffodil bloom as we look at the gardens in amazement.

We've never had a spring this early or so brilliant as this day.

Blossoms we are lucky to see for May Day are warming in the sun.

Even some garlic that I threw into a deck planter has emerged.  Yes!

The bleeding heart won't be left behind.  I never removed any mulch; no time to do it!
So it is a spring day like no other!  I would remember whether or not a particular anniversary was as beautiful as this and I can say with  We may have had a sunny sky, but always chilly or just plain snowy.  To celebrate this year I made a cake to feel like spring; the  King Arthur Flour Tender White Cake.  I filled it with liquid sunshine, or what is known as a one 10 oz. jar of Dickinson's Lemon Curd.  Then I frosted it with fresh whipped cream.  Happy Anniversary to the love bugs!  :)

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