Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another Simple Pattern

Wait, this time the pattern actually is very simple to construct and has excellent instructions.    It is Simplicity 2891 and I made version C without trim on the sleeves.  Unfortunately, this particular pattern may be out of print now, but I'm sure there is something similar in the pattern books since the bohemian look is a popular style.

This is the chiffon my daughter selected.  It works well as an overlay for the yoke, but it is like taming butterfly wings to sew without support. The fabric description is very lightweight, but it should have read very, very, very lightweight.

 Even though I tried starching the fabric, it  shifted as I was rotary cutting.  My advice:  if you need to work with chiffon, don't rush through your sewing, you need to take your time.  Using a dab of fabric glue stick in difficult to pin areas will help stabilize the sewing area.  Silk thread works wonderful with chiffon.

I had to coat my hands with Paul Mitchell hair gel in order for them not to snag the fabric as I was sewing.  They're not chapped either since our winter has been so mild.

I added some vintage trim around the front of the bodice; so much nicer than a newer trim.  This trim came from an estate sale box that had the most amazing chemical lace and tatted edging.  This blouse would seem a bit dull without this beautiful trim to give it an aged ambiance.

I had to hand roll the hems.  Here are the steps I used:
1) Sew a 1/4" seam line along the fabric edge to be hemmed.
2) Pink the seam allowance to 1/8".
3) With a cool iron, press the hem up along the seam line.
4)  Sew a narrow seam along the fold.
5)  With your fingers, gently roll the hem up as you are sewing a slip stitch.  Step 4 gives your needle a channel to hide and hold the thread.
6)  Gently press the hem with a cool iron.

I am going to put the dress form away and get back to quilting now! (Well, after I clean up my sewing room!)


  1. Isn't it good your daughter will wear what you have made. It looks beautiful.

    1. Chris, I am lucky. :) Her first communion dress was white handkerchief linen in the Samantha American Girl Dolls tea dress. She wore white tights, a big satin bow in her pony tailed hair and black button-up shoes. I must say, I thought I heard a gasp in the church as she walked in (as she was the shortest, so she was first in line). She looked like she just walked off the boat at Ellis Island; her great-grandparents would have been ecstatic. However, after this creative splurge, I think my sewing days were kept very tame!

  2. Beautiful top, Patty -- love the fabric and the pretty vintage lace. I am completely intimidated by this type of fabric, but you make it seem completely doable.

    P.S. I would love to see a photo of your daughter in that Communion dress.

    1. Martha, I'll check through some photo boxes and see if I can find some pictures of my little one. :)