Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flying Geese and Four Patch - Vintage Blocks and New Quilt

In the 1980's and 1990's vintage patchwork made their way into household decorations.  Recently I purchased a box of vintage blocks where this type of quilt recycling had been taking place as the quilt blocks were cut into the shapes of pigs and cats.  I'm guessing they might have been for Christmas ornaments for a tree since primitive items were extremely popular.  The strips of flying geese had been salvaged from a quilt that may have out lived its usefulness.  The sides of the blocks show the thread remnants from carefully removing it from the quilt.

The four patches in the box had never been put into a quilt, however, they had been washed as the edges were a bit frayed from the activity.

I decided I wanted to combine the sets of blocks and give them a new life by putting them into a wall hanging.  The strips of quilt blocks work well creating a strippy quilt design or bar pattern popular in the 19th century.

Many  of the strips of flying geese blocks would be perfectly straight and then suddenly a curve would start veering to the right or left.  How were these ever put into a quilt?  I would think there were either some major puckers and gathers OR, this quilt never hung straight.  None of the geese measured the same size.

While none of the flying geese were a uniform size, I was able to work three strips of them into the quilt.

The flying geese strips were older than the four patch blocks.  Here you can see a geese of early purple dye, possibly Perkins Purple.

I machine quilted it in diagonal cross hatching.  This would have been a quilt design used by quilt makers machine quilting their quilts at the turn of the century.

Here it is finished.  It measures 23 21/2" x 33".  I believe the blocks now have a new life and can bring a little piece of history into someone's home.


  1. Thanks Tina! I also love the double pinks and the turn of the century prints. I always buy up the reproduction pinks whenever I can find them.