Saturday, August 11, 2012

There's a new Dressmaker in town.

Have you ever had something just beg to go home with you.  No, not a person, but an inanimate object.  Yesterday it happened to me at a yard sale and I just couldn't resist.  So I picked her up and brought her home and told her she needed a bath.

I got out some soft white cotton towels and started to clean up my new friend.

At first I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out, but sure enough, those towels turned a butterscotch color.  Wow!

No, not Bakelite,  but just one very dirty sewing machine.  In fact when I first saw her, she was yellow and black!  But, as I said, I couldn't resist....   and I'll show you why.

Windex on cloth towels worked wonder removing years of grime on the surface of this machine.  I had never heard of a Dressmaker brand before

The narrow width and black and ivory color of the machine reminded me of a friend's Viking from the 70's.  Notice the off/on switch on the base of the machine.  The entire machine was once this golden yellow. 

This is what also tipped me off that this machine just needed to be cleaned and oiled and be ready to go:  do you notice how the throat plate has no scratches, nicks or any kind of wear!  I can still see a bit of lingering grime from this photo, so I'm sure the Windex and towels will be back to finish up the job.

Once I cleaned her up, I got out the manual and oiled all her parts.  I plugged her in and just ran the foot pedal pressed to the floor for about five minutes.  She went from a thump, thump to a purr.

All the stitches work beautifully and the tension is excellent.  She is an all metal machine and doesn't shake and tremble when the foot pedal is at full speed.

So why did I buy her?  Did I need to rescue her?  Yes!  She is a good machine that would be perfect for a young girl inspired to learn to sew!   The quality of this machine is far superior to the beginner machines offered in the stores today; no plastic parts on the exterior or interior of the machine.

I'm beginning to wonder if my life mission is rescuing abandoned sewing machines and finding them a good home. 



  1. Barbara, looks like she will be heading down to Signal Mountain to be with my great-niece who is 11. As far as my calling, maybe they're finding me rather than the other way around. :)