Sunday, August 5, 2012

What Would You Do?? or WWYD?

Here's my conundrum:
You can see the top edge with the whisker raveling effect.  There are some areas of condition, so many would just categorize this as a cutter quilt.  But, I just can seem to bring myself to put the Ginghers to the fibers. 

Many of the penny blocks are endearing and capture simple joys of life at the turn of the 20th century.

The workmanship isn't extraordinary.  The scenes are typical penny square motifs.  I could keep listing the quilts faults or reasons to list it as a ubiquitous purchase since I did buy this yesterday at the garage sale.

But then, I look at the squirrel with his nut and I laugh.  I see the girl with the cow and I think of our cow, Fern, when I was a child.  I see the big toad and think of my daughter checking the Frog and Toad books out of the school library every week. 

So, WWYD?  Chop it up for repurposing?  Fold and love?  The hotline is open for comments!


  1. Fold and love! Fold and love! I have some of those blocks - unfinished ones that belonged to my great grandmother. I think it's charming.

  2. Could you remove the top row and rebind that edge. We don't have these old quilts in Australia so I'd be trying to save it.

  3. Fold and save, for sure. It's such a sweet quilt, and I agree with Chris about perhaps removing the top row and rebinding. If you need any penny squares for repair, I have some I could send you.