Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flag Day 2012

 How appropriate to be quilting a patriotic quilt today.

Outlining the eagle and stars in the center panel.  This panel was originally cut from a bunting fabric produced by Moda several years ago.

Doing some grid quilting and outlining in the ocean wave blocks.  Do you notice the chrome orange half right triangles?  I also have some purple ones in there just to give it the appearance of an old fashioned scrap quilt.

A cookie cutter to mark the quilting design of stars. It just happened to be a red cookie cutter to match the quilt!
I've been working on machine quilting the red, white and blue ocean wave design quilt as a gift to the maternal grandmother of a fallen Marine.  Christopher Bordoni was only 21 years old.  He passed away in April 2012 from injuries sustained from an explosive devise in Afghanistan three months prior.

I have a wonderful quilting friend,  Jean,  who is friends with the maternal grandmother.  This group of quilting friends is going to present the quilt to their friend as a remembrance.

Tomorrow is suppose to be another beautiful day so I hope to have the quilt finished, washed  and ready to go to Jean in Cayuga.   Off to finish sewing and a finished picture tomorrow.  

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