Saturday, June 23, 2012

Slow down, you move too fast...

I am usually in a hurry and I don't always take the time to really look at a piece at a yard sale, thrift shop or estate sale.  I'll glance quickly at items or scan a room quickly, especially if it is crowded or hot, and not go over every item thoroughly.  Recently it has been VERY hot.

Household linens aren't always a big ticket item.   Often piles of towels and doilies are wadded together or stuffed in a bag with the hopes they will attract a buyer.  I have been known to cringe when even going through bags like this.  Not everyone understands the work involved in embroidery.

These red embroidered clover caught my eye and I put the doily in my purchase pile.  Why, I don't know, it seemed sweet and could possibly be re-purposed.

No, I didn't look at the doily at the sale, for some reason it just ended up coming home with me.

Later when going through my purchases and taking a closer look, it took on an entirely different meaning - it was transformed into a piece of history.   Can you see what made me say to myself, "oh my goodness"

The fabric is a brocade with a building and "Chicago"  woven into the cloth at the top.

There's the date....1893 as well as identifying the building as the Main Building.

This doily was a souvenir from the 1893 Columbia Exhibition in Chicago.  I have seen the inscribed red and white souvenir glassware, but nothing small like this little piece.  It is large enough to be a coaster. 

This is the back.  The woven threads from the design pick up the light better making it easier to photograph. 
The exhibition has come to life - a memento hidden until looked at in just the "right light".
What a small and very sweet souvenir of the White City. 

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