Sunday, June 3, 2012

What happened to May?

One would think I had dropped off the planet with my inconsistency with blogging.  Remember, if I'm not posting, I'm either sewing or cooking.  Recently I started volunteering at the local historical society; my educational background in art and museum studies makes this an enjoyable afternoon.  Recently I helped set up a display about hydrotherapy practices in the 19th century.  The display was on loan from the Glen Haven Historical Society located at the south end of Skaneateles Lake.  Included in the display were two quilts made by a resident of that area while the hydrotherapy business was in full operation.  Enjoy some of the pictures of this extraordinary trapunto white-work quilt made in 1853.  The other quilt, was a wool sunburst made in 1852.

I could just admire this quilt for hours.  The Lord's Prayer was the central focal point of the quilt. Directly above the prayer is the hand with the downward pointing finger.  Baskets surrounded the center with organic leaves, palm fronds, grape clusters and leaves encircling the perimeter.  Three of the edges are scalloped with grapes in the center of each scallop.

Magnificent, extraordinary and spectacular come to mind when gazing on the work-woman-ship.

My sewing room (a drastic departure from the trapunto quilt) is filled with party decorations for an upcoming landmark July birthday celebration.  My grandson, Adam, will be turning one!  That is a one with an exclamation point;  just how we feel about this little guy.
A few banners being made to highlight the occasion.

Some table cloths and napkins.....which will be used later for summer entertaining.  Nothing like cloth napkins to live a greener life and reduce our carbon footprint.

Also this past month I have realized my secret fascination with the modern quilt designs of Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr.  My friend made this quilt as a college graduation quilt and I quilted it for her. 

The quilt design came from their book, Quilts Made Modern.  My friend changed it up a bit by using a gray background rather than white and saving her scraps so I could sew it into the backing for a little interest on the reverse side.

It then dawned on me that these designers have also designed several projects for American Patchwork & Quilting that have caught my attention.  The February 2012 issue had a quilt "Fabric Fusion" which I have cut and waiting for nighttime sewing.

This will be one of the few quilts I have made where I paid more attention to the hue, value and scale rather than reproduction time period or fabric maker;  this really is a fusion of fabric!  What fun to break free of my prior fabric constraints of time period and focus on color.

I really look forward to my issue of American Patchwork and Quilting to arrive in the mail.  I find myself pulling fabric off the shelves and getting out the rotary cutter when it arrives.  More on my Fabric Fusion quilt when I have it pieced together.

May also brought the blossoming of 400 tulips I planted last fall.  Now my first thoughts were..."400 TULIPS"  ...  "wow"  ...   "this will really fill up the front gardens."   Gardeners out there are probably chuckling with the secret knowledge of numbers of bulbs I actually needed to produce the dramatic impact my mind was conjuring.   I couldn't be disappointed for long though because of their delicate beauty.

....  which faded too soon!  My son told me I need to plant at least 400 tulips ever year to make a difference in the spring landscape!!   

The calendar has turned to June now and I am ready for a beautiful summer.  I have a quilt ready to be quilted for the grandmother of a fallen Marine.   Time to get back to my machine!  More on this quilt later as well as our newest family member.

Meet Indiana Jones. 

Uh oh.....where is the puppy going?


  1. Wow, what a beautiful quilt! Your tulips are fantastic. Is the quilt you are making the grandmother of a fallen soldier part of a program, or someone you know personally? Very kind thing to do!

    1. Tina, I am friends with a group of quilters and the grandmother is a mutual friend of theirs. I don't believe quilts of fallen soldiers are given to the grandmothers....but I feel grandmother's tears carry twice the sorrow since they feel the pain of the loss for their children and the special bond with their grandchild. So no, not part of a group and not personally known to me, but the story of the young man is heart breaking and I am compelled to do something as a memorial to his life.

      I am glad you liked the tulips. The colors looked like confections and the blossom looked like Peonies; no wonderful scent like Peonies though. I am going to plant more tulips in the fall and I am just pleased the deer didn't go to the front of the house to snack on them. :)

  2. The puppy is here! The puppy is here! There must be a lot of happiness in your household right now!

    1. Indeed there is happiness everywhere!