Thursday, June 21, 2012

Uh oh......

My friends understand me completely.  Maybe this is because many of my friends also sew.  Wait, they sew with a passion.  We can be talking about an arbitrary subject and suddenly we shift to sewing.  We make analogies about life to sewing, we take pictures of our fabric like we're chronicling the growth of our kids and shopping trips translate to I'm driving by the fabric store, do you need me to pick anything up for you?

So there is an understanding of how much we treasure and care for our sewing notions, material, etc. 

Let me cut to the chase now...

...uh oh, what do I have here?
 I have recently been converted to the spools of Essential Cotton Thread at Connecting Threads.  It is a 50 weight cotton and I have had much success using it for machine quilting.  Wonderful thread!!  I almost believe it is one of the best kept secrets today because not only is it dependable thread, but it is economical.  But, how did this tangled mess happen?

 Certainly I knew the culprit of this devilish antic. 
Suddenly my precious thread doesn't look so bad when it is next to a cute puppy.  Advertisers are right, puppies and babies can sell anything.

Our doggie whisperer (aka our dog trainer - notice the leash on him in the house as we are training him),  stated that  Indiana Jones has bonded to me AND I have to work on a stern voice when correcting him of unacceptable behavior.
I'd like to see anyone look in that sweet little face and tell him that is not how we learn to sew.  Oh, if only I could teach him how to baste a quilt it would make my life easier.  I wonder what our doggie whisperer has to say about that idea!

The thread will be recycled.  I have a weaving friend, Karen, who I pass along my scraps to for her weaving creations.   It is nice to know this thread will one day be part of a piece of art.  To think, Indiana Jones had a part in the process!

As to the rest of my family, they know better!  Mom's thread is sacred.


  1. Bonded to you, eh? I know what that is like, since the animal that bonded to me is reading over my shoulder. He says to say Hi to Indiana Jones.

  2. i know not to mess with your sewing stuff... my cute face never passed like Indiana's does, huh?

    1. Guilty, guilty, guilty as charged! However, I have mended my ways and I will let you cut a little square out of the center of my yardage any day! I'll even let you dump out all the buttons on the floor! Hurry up and visit!

  3. I was going to ask if he was a pbgv, but I see he must be!

    I was enjoying a silly Ravelry thread where a woman asked why people plop their cat on top of their newly finished and blocked projects before they take a photo of them. DUH! Animals of all sorts just like to be part of the process!

    1. You are the first person whoever knew the breed of dog!! We had another PBGV prior to this puppy and she was the sweetest. Indiana is being trained to be my son's companion; hence he really needs to bond to my son rather than myself.