Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the fifth day of Christmas...

...my true love gave to me
five plastic advertising thimbles...

No, I don't collect thimbles.  I am unaware of their history, the diverse materials they have been made from and the years advertising thimbles were produced.  I just thought these were colorful and fun - something we don't see given out anymore.

I do have a jar of thimbles in my sewing room where thimbles that once served a more utilitarian purpose have been tossed in because I just didn't like how they felt on my finger.   Some ended up in the jar because of the frustration caused when my thread would fray and break when coming in contact with its metal surface when quilting. 

I  have had small ones when the humidity was low and big honking ones for hot and sticky days.  My favorite now is by Clover.  It is snug around my finger, yet the tip is sturdy, protective and guides my needle accurately.  Leather ones were nice, but quickly developed holes in the wrong places. 

But, I never thought about them as collectible or for advertising, or having value other than protecting my hands from sore fingers. 

 I do have one special thimble given to me as a gift by my son after his visit to Bath, England.  I keep it on a shelf in my kitchen with some other curiosities ....  the Monopoly thimble game piece, sewing machine salt and pepper shakers, a card with a flower made of shells, just little things given to me by friends or kids that I treasure.

Here's a blog I found - Simple Thimbles  - for those of you who are fascinated with advertising thimbles.  Olly writes that she currently has 400 thimbles!  Maybe I should send her some plastic ones!!  :)  

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